Monday, 6 April 2009

A new blog - what are the odds of me posting to this again?

If we take the need plus desire of others to read my thoughts, multiplied by the actual value it would have to them, divided by my own narcissistic desire to splurge my brain-wanderings all over their eyes, subtract my ability to produce anything remotely readable, entertaining or useful, and then divide the whole mess by 0 (the number of visitors this blog is likely to ever receive), we can see a result that is absolutely meaningless, which demonstrates nothing, and which is of no discernible value to anyone.

Anyway - if I do ever write here it could well turn out to be a mixed bag, mostly snippets of code (PHP/Javascript, mostly), some links I guess (though the internet is full of them, why would you want more?), and maybe some other random thoughts (maybe i'll even go off on a rant about the planetary sized ego of amateur bloggers...)

Bosh. Blog that you blogging bloggos.

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